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The Ardchattan Centre
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As a brand new project after a successful community buyout, The Ardchattan Centre required a Marketing Plan to be presented with any funding applications that were due to be submitted. 

Fàs consulted with the board on what their vision was for the centre and created a 3 year Marketing Plan which includes growth of audience, communications channels and branding . 

The MacDougall of Dunollie Preservation Trust

As part of a MGS Recovery & Resilience grant, Dunollie had a digital project which aimed to upskill the staff team as well as create digital content which could be shared with audiences locally and overseas. 

Over a 3 month contract, Fàs conducted training with each member of the team on how to create digital content for their departments (retail, partnerships/site hire, heritage and community engagement) which in turn helped to influence planning for their new digital content for communications. 

Highland Fold Ice Cream 

Highland Fold Ice Cream approached Fàs in April 2021 for some assistance in growing their social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) on the run up to their new shop opening in Oban. 

Fàs have been helping them to create a consistent social media calendar, delivering monthly reports on their engagement results as well as assisting with posting content on their channels. 


Fàs supported Originate with the launch of their social media channels for their new business in April 2021. 

To prepare for the launch, Fàs helped Originate to identify their audiences along with the channels that would work well who they needed to reach, created a content plan and scheduled posts on their communications channels. 

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