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How We Can Help

At Fàs, our goal is to help the marketing for your business grow - whether you are just starting out, undertaking a new venture as part of your business or have been operating for a while. 

If you need a helping hand, we can offer Support to point you in the right direction for marketing your business can benefit from. Alternatively, if you are tight on time you can reduce your workload by letting us provide a Service for you. 

Business Meeting


If you are not quite sure where to start, feeling a little stuck or would like a new direction with your marketing, Fàs can offer an advisory session to discuss your challenges or ideas and provide opportunities for solutions. 

Business Meeting

One to One Sessions | Workshops 

If you would like help taking marketing into your own hands, we can provide helpful one to one sessions or workshops on a variety of topics such as social media, content creation or managing customer relations. 

Marketing Plans or Strategies

If you are a brand new business or are looking to apply for funding, Fàs can provide a long term marketing plan to grow your brand, audience, engagement and income. 

For more short term projects, we can create a marketing strategy to compliment your time, budget and audience needs. 

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Social Media Plans | Content Plans

Fàs can create effective social media plans to suit your promotions for your business. 

Alternatively, we can help you to put together a successful content calendar that will help to grow your communications. 

There is also the option for Fàs to assist with the implementation of these plans. 

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