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Marketing Services

Any support Fàs offers will enable you to take control of your marketing. However, we do understand some business are very limited on staff time and resources. So, let us do the hard work for you.


We can write your Marketing Plan or Content Calendar and deliver this for you. We can evaluate your branding and with your approval help to implement the new improvements. We can look to see how your audience is engaging with your business and provide reports to show what is and isn’t working. 


Service terms will be created on what your business or project needs. For example, Social Media Content Calendar Creation could be created for a 3-month block with the option of renewal, where as creating a Marketing Plan for your business may be carried out within 4 weeks. Some services will have set rates, whereas others that are more specific to your business will be priced accordingly. 


If there is an area of your marketing you would like service assistance with, please get in touch to discuss further. 

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