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Marketing Support

Every business is different, and so any support Fàs provides will be specialised to you and what you need. The  support that we can offer will let you take marketing into your own hands and allows you do this effectively.


  • Are you starting a business and not sure what Marketing will work? 

  • Is your audience numbers and engagement coasting and you want it to grow? 

  • Do you get good a good response online but don’t see that turn into sales? 

  • Do you have little experience in Marketing, or don’t feel confident using online channels? 


Fàs can offer support sessions to chat through your issues and help work out a solution based on your time, resources and budget. 


We are also able to provide workshops or one-to-one sessions tailored to your businesses needs in areas such as: 

  • How to use social media effectively for your business

  • Managing customer relationships: responding to enquiries and reviews 

  • Getting to know your customers: Good practice in feedback and forward planning 

  • How to Create/Implement Content and Social Media Calendars 

  • How effective are my communications – how do I see if what I am doing is working 


For more information on workshops or one to one sessions, please get in touch. 

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